“I need a logo and website design!”… When you really need a brand.

by | Aug 8, 2016 | BCBD News, Design Education, Graphic Design

At BCBD, the most common project inquiry we get is for a logo and website design. While we are always up for the challenge, our client partners understand that we go far beyond this request. Most often, our clients are young or new entrepreneurial companies looking to find and establish their voice. Finding that voice amongst a swell of significant competition can be challenging. Especially if it’s for the first time ever. Therefore, the basic request for a “logo and website design” is short-sighted in the grand scheme of building your business. BCBD builds more than websites and logos — BCBD creates brands.

“Ok, so what does that mean for me?”, you ask.

It means that your brand is more than a logo. And, it is much bigger than a website. Your logo is a symbol or identifier of your brand. Meanwhile, your website is the communication gateway for your brand’s message, products, and services. Logos and websites, along with corporate identity systems and various marketing materials, help ensure the consistency of your brand. But, at it’s core, your brand is a promise about who and what your organization is and the benefits it delivers every time people come in contact with it. Your brand is experienced by your consumers and the public in what they see, hear, read, and personally encounter about you and your products.

BCBD works with you to recognize your unique voice amongst the crowded competition. We start by asking “Who are you?”, “What do you stand for?”, “How do you communicate that?”. Our brand strategy methodology begins with an in-depth internal discovery of your mission and core purpose. We use these to identify the unique difference your products and services are offering to the world. This discovery process moves beyond quantifiable goals to the deeper meaning of your business. We then work with you to determine the guiding principles which add value and importance. These principles form the basis of everything you do, shaping the public’s perception of your brand.

Once we’ve identified your core purpose and fundamental principles, it’s on to the positioning of your brand in the marketplace. Brand positioning is what your brand stands for in the mind of the consumer. It is your tagline for the world to see. It is shaped by the current marketing environment and by the purpose of the company. Your positioning will inform your brand’s attributes and the voice and tone of all your communications to your audience.

“So what does that mean in regards to my request for just a logo and/or a website?”

It means that we work with you to think “bigger”, much bigger. At BCBD, our mantra is “possibility unleashed”. That means possibilities for you and your brand. And it’s most imperative for you to share in this philosophy to unleash success.

Our client Align1 Solutions has benefited tremendously from this approach. They came to us in need of a “logo and website design”, but after a few phone calls it became clear that they were ready for a bigger impact for their company and products. Bryce Harlow, President of Align1 Solutions writes:

“As a start-up, we came in with zero experience in branding and graphic design. But, we came with an eagerness to define our story in a way that would eliminate competition. Scott Bellina and his team delivered beyond our expectations! BCBD is concise yet encompassing. Options were presented without being overwhelming. He constructively worked with our feedback — interpreting the meaning between the words to guide us in finding our company’s voice and defining our brand. He kept us on track during trying periods of discovery, while deliverables were met in a timely manner. Scott Bellina’s extensive array of industry experience is showcased in our website, but they were also demonstrated through his professionalism, innovation, artistry, patience, and overall great attitude. The value added by using BCBD simply can’t be overstated.”


Understanding the Distinction between Corporate Identities and Brands

The following infographic identifies the the distinction between a logo and website design versus a brand. As you can see, your logo and corporate identity are crucial yet subset components to your overall brand experience.


For the past 20 years, Scott Bellina has amassed an extensive portfolio of brilliant art direction and design. Before founding BCBD, Scott honed his craft as lead creative in top agencies located in New Orleans, Dallas, London, and New York City. Moreover, he has provided award-winning creative for clients such as Nike, adidas, Cosmopolitan, Showtime, BBC Worldwide, Madison Square Garden Entertainment, the National Hockey League, IFC, eMusic.com, Fuse, Samsung, Temple Turmeric, Qello Concerts, the New York Rangers, and the New York Yankees.

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