Beauty in Listening.

At BCBD, we believe that beautiful design is as much about process as it is about generating results. Creativity is the foundation of design, and “to create something out of nothing” is the essence of the design process.

All designers have a sophisticated framework by which they understand and decode beauty. Design Strategists, however, also understand that “to create something out of nothing” one must become “nothing” — an empty vessel or clearing for you and your audience’s needs. An empathetic approach is the key to our creative process, and it starts with listening.

Creating something truly meaningful for your brand and your audience requires due diligence, empathy, and partnership. This philosophy drives our approach to creative process.

BCBD Strategic Branding Design Office

1. Listen.

Discovery informs your value proposition & brand’s position in a competitive marketplace. We ask the who, the what, the how, & the why.

2. Define.

Defining a strategic approach materializes your brand. We outline your mission & purpose, guiding principles, brand attributes & positioning statement.

3. Express.

Our approach to visual design is flexible, usable, beautiful, & collaborative. You are as important to the creative process as we are.

4. Assess.

Evaluation — What’s going well? How can we build upon what’s been created? What deliverables can be produced to further reach?

1. Listen.

BCBD’s creative process starts with in-depth discovery about your team, your business, your customers and competition. We ask tough questions about the who, the what, the how, and most importantly, the why. These discovery sessions inform your value proposition and, ultimately, the successful positioning of your brand in a competitive marketplace.

2. Define.

Through a comprehensive understanding of your company — its goals, content, and audience — we define the strategic approach and necessary deliverables that will materialize your new brand. It starts with a strong brand strategy outlining your company’s mission, core purpose, and guiding principles, sequentially informing your brand’s innate attributes and positioning in the market.

3. Express.

Our approach to creative direction and visual expression is flexible, usable, and beautiful. We’re among the best in the business with a design portfolio that speaks for itself. The best part, however, is that our creative approach is collaborative. Using our experience and vast design archive, we partner with and guide our clients to make informed choices about their overall brand aesthetic amidst industry trend. Our clients are as important to the design process as we are.

4. Assess.

One of the most important steps to the creative process is, often times, also the most neglected: Evaluation. What’s going well? How can we build upon and improve the work that’s been created? What other areas and deliverables can be produced to further your reach? When launching a brand, there should be no stone left unturned. BCBD guides you and your brand through the morass, keeping you on the track towards success.

No two projects are the same. BCBD’s creative process and design deliverables are curated to meet your business requirements and budget needs. Together we’ll work with you to identify a scope that gets the most out of your brand quickly and effectively.

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Discovery Services:

· Stakeholder & Team Interviews
· Content & Strategy Questionnaires
· Competitive Landscape Audits
· Social Media & SEO / SEM Metrics
· Metrics & Data Analysis

Brand Strategy:

· Company Mission / Core Purpose
· Fundamental / Guiding Principles
· Brand Positioning Statement
· Brand Tagline
· Brand Attributes
· Voice & Tone
· Proposed Deliverables / Scope

Design Capabilities:

· Company, Product, & Service Naming
· Logo & Corporate Identity
· Copywriting
· Packaging / Label Design
· Website Design / Development
· Advertising Campaigns (Print & Online)
· Sales Collateral / Presentations / Reports
· Apparel / Merchandise
· Environmental / Trade Show

Brand Evaluation:

· Brand Standards & Guidelines
· On-going Website Maintenance
· Google Analytics Assessment
· Google Search Console Management
· Competitive Branding & Design Audit
· SEO / SEM Metrics & Analysis
· Social Engagement Metrics & Analysis