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Align1 Solutions’ mission is to provide innovative and purpose-driven solutions that support, and improve, well-being and the pursuit of a healthy and active lifestyle. Their goal is to enrich lives and positively impact human productivity on a global scale. “Muuv™ by Align1 Solutions” is a complete seating solution that combats and prevents health issues associated with sitting and standing for a long period of time. BCBD was tapped to position both the Muuv™ chair, and the company itself, for success from ideation to launch — through extensive strategic product branding, naming, creative design, print advertising, and e-commerce web development.

Brand Strategy / Competitive Analysis / Company Naming / Copywriting / Creative Direction / Logo Design / Graphic Design / Product Branding & Naming / Web Design & Development / E-Commerce Development

BCBD Align1 Solutions Muuv™ Website Store
BCBD Align1 Solutions Business Cards
BCBD Align1 Solutions Branding & Product Naming
BCBD Align1 Solutions Muuv™ Chair
BCBD Align1 Solutions Muuv™ Website
BCBD Align1 Solutions Branding & Product Naming
BCBD Align1 Solutions Business Cards

“As a start-up, we came in with zero experience in branding and graphic design, but with an eagerness to define our story in a way that would eliminate competition. Scott Bellina and his team delivered beyond our expectations!”

— Bryce Harlow, CEO & Co-founder, Align1 Solutions

“Scott Bellina’s extensive array of industry experience is showcased in our website, but it was also demonstrated through professionalism, innovation, artistry, patience, and overall great attitude. The value added by using BCBD simply can’t be overstated.”

— Nikole Hall, Co-founder & Principal Wellness Strategist

“BCBD is concise yet encompassing. Options were presented without being overwhelming. They constructively worked with our feedback — interpreting the meaning between the words to guide us in finding our company’s voice and defining our brand. They kept us on track during trying periods of discovery, all the while deliverables were met in a timely manner.”

— Halle Mindala, VP of Operations

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