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Temple Turmeric™: Honor Your Body

Temple Turmeric was born with just a blender and the dream of sharing organic, turmeric-based elixirs with the world. After a successful launch into Whole Foods, BCBD led their natural products branding and creative marketing efforts. They began as a grassroots operation serving yoga studios and heath stores in the East Village of NYC. They have since radiated into a national brand, serving thousands of customers each day across the United States. Temple Turmeric is passionately dedicated to sharing the life-changing powers of organic turmeric to support healthy inflammation response and to celebrate the human body as a “temple”.

Brand Strategy / Copywriting / Creative Direction / Graphic Design / Natural Products Branding & Packaging / Web Design & Development

BCBD Temple Turmeric 32oz Bottles
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“Scott Bellina and I have been working closely for 5 years. Our journey together has been integral to the branding of TumericALIVE, now Temple Turmeric. BCBD’s attention to detail, visual integrity, and knowledge of natural products branding is world class. Scott is a pro and a pleasure to work with.”

— Daniel Sullivan, Founder, Temple Turmeric